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Revenge: A Lawless Novel Book 3, Coming June 20, 2017

When Drew Lawless discovers a fatal flaw in his plan to avenge his parents’ deaths, he turns to the one woman he'd promised he wouldn't touch. He offers her a deal, one that will bring her into his investigation, his life, and his bed. Investigative reporter Shelby Gates never dreamed how twisted the case would become—or how fascinated she would be with Drew. Every day they spend together binds them. As their feelings for each other grow, so does the danger. From the streets of Dallas to Austin’s high-tech business world, Drew and Shelby play a game begun twenty years before—a game they will win, or die trying.

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Love Another Day, Masters and Mercenaries Book 14, Coming August 22, 2017 Brody Carter found a home with the London office of McKay-Taggart. A former soldier, he believes his job is to take the bullets and follow orders. He’s happy to take on the job of protecting Dr. Stephanie Gibson while the team uses her clinic in Sierra Leone to bring down an international criminal. What he never expected was that the young doctor would prove to be the woman of his dreams. But after one amazing night together, Brody walks away and never looks back. Stephanie is left behind…but not alone.
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Sleeper: Hunter, A Thieves Series, Book 3, Coming 2017

Close Cover: A Masters and Mercenaries Novel, Coming April 10, 2018 as part of the Masters and Mercenaries Crossover Collection!

Remy Guidry learned the hard way that all he really needs in life is a cold beer, some good friends, and the occasional hookup. Lisa Daley has a new job at an accounting firm, she’s finished her Sanctum training, and life seems pretty perfect. There is one other little glitch. Her new firm is really a front for the mob and now they want her dead. When Remy becomes her bodyguard, Lisa can’t decide if this situation is a blessing or a curse.

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