I'm so excited to have Ryan West back with the audio version of You Only Love Twice, Masters and Mercenaries Book 8, now available at all retailers.

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Dear Readers, Who doesn’t love a crossover? I know that for me there’s always been something magical about two fictional words blending and meeting in a totally unexpected way. For years the only medium that has truly done it well and often is comic books. Superman vs. Batman in a fight to the finish. Marvel’s Infinite Universe. So why wouldn’t we do it in Romanceland? Welcome to the Lexi Blake Crossover Collection.
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Ryan West returns with the audio version of Devoted, Masters and Mercenaries 10.5. Now available at Audible, Amazon, and iTunes!

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Ryan West returns with the audio version of A View to a Thrill, now available!

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McKay-Taggart Trainee T-shirts and hoodies available until November 24!

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I'm happy to announce that Ryan West is back to narrate Dungeon Royale!

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August 12, 2015

The first chapter of Scandal Never Sleeps is up now. Click here to read! Also, Lexi and Shayla Black talk about what to expect in the series in this video:

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The amazing Ryan West is back! Love and Let Die is available on Audible. He does an amazing job bringing Big Tag to life.

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March 8, 2016

I'm still in a little shock but I want to thank every single person who bought a copy of From Sanctum With Love and put Kai and Kori on the NYT best seller list! We were #8 on the e-list and #18 combined. On USA Today we were #32! And for the first time ever, we made the Wall Street Journal best seller list at #8! So excited!