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Two to Love

Nights in Bliss, Book 2

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About the book

Re-released in a second edition with new content.

Three lost souls

Growing up in the eclectic, small town of Bliss was wonderful for Callie Sheppard. She loved everything about it, except for the lack of potential romantic partners. She only went wild once in her life, sharing a perfect weekend in Dallas with two incredible men she never thought she would see again. When they parted, she was left with a hole in her heart she feared would never be filled. 

One romantic weekend

DEA agents Nathan Wright and Zane Hollister were thrilled when Callie agreed to spend the weekend with them. Just days away from a long, undercover assignment, they considered this passionate affair to be an ideal way to spend their last days of freedom. They never expected to fall in love. Leaving her behind was the hardest decision of their lives.

An unexpected reunion

Six years later, Callie is preparing to break in a new sheriff after Rye Harper walked out on the job. Her heart skips a few beats when the man walking through the door is none other than Nate Wright. Nate and Zane have come to Bliss, but their time undercover has left them broken and scarred. The boys are determined to win back Callie’s heart. But when the criminals they took down come seeking revenge, Nate and Zane may have to save the strange little town of Bliss before they can reclaim the woman they love.


Chapter One

“She’s a virgin?”

“That’s what Stefan said,” Nate Wright explained to his best friend, who had uttered the same question Nate had been asking himself. Though Stef was standing right beside them, he simply sighed and ignored Zane.

Nate watched the young woman through the two-way mirror. She lay back on the big bed, stretching her gloriously naked body. Only the constant darting of her eyes to the door gave an indication that she was anything but comfortable. Her right foot rubbed absently against the opposite leg, as though checking the softness of the skin. Nate would do the same thing in a few minutes, though it would be his hand running up her leg and finally making its way to its destination—her perfect, plump pussy. It was shaved and ripe looking. 

If Stefan hadn’t sworn she was a virgin, Nate would never have believed it. Of course, in a few minutes, she wouldn’t have that problem.

“A twenty-five-year-old virgin?” Zane Hollister sounded as surprised as Nate felt. Nate looked over at his best friend. He was a giant of a man, and Nate worried that the young woman in question might be overwhelmed by his sheer size. He wasn’t surprised to see Zane was practically salivating. Callie Sheppard was exactly their type. Nice breasts, ample hips, small waist, but she had some weight on her. Her face was sweet, but not model-like, with well-shaped lips that would look good wrapped around a cock. She wasn’t a fragile thing who would break the instant they got a little rough with her. And they would definitely get a little rough.

Stefan Talbot threw Nate a look. It was his “dumbass is here why?” look. Stef wasn’t Zane’s biggest fan, but he was proving tolerant this evening. “Would you like the definition of virginity made plain to you, Hollister?”

Zane rolled his green eyes. “No, asshole. I just think she looks surprisingly comfy for a girl about to get her cherry popped by two strangers.”

That aristocratic eyebrow of Stefan’s arched up, and Nate knew the sarcasm was about to flow. “Well, unless the two of you have some superpowers I don’t know about, or extremely small dicks, I think you should choose one to ‘pop her cherry.’” He turned to Nate, and there was no mistaking the warning in his eyes. “I swear if he hurts her…”

Zane had the good grace to look surprised. He took a small step back and regarded Stefan seriously. “I wouldn’t hurt any girl, much less one like Callie. She’s seems very sweet and she’s lovely. I’m sorry. I can’t imagine she’s gone this long and no man has claimed her.”

That seemed to calm Stef. His stance relaxed, and the angry bull air about him deflated a notch. “I want you to be careful with her. I care about her. She’s like a little sister to me.”

Zane’s eyes narrowed, a possessive look crossing his face. “Brothers don’t normally see their sisters naked.”

Stefan laughed. The sound conveyed his fondness for the girl in question. “If I had a big problem with nudity, I would rarely see Callie at all.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Nate was intensely curious about the girl he would spend the evening with. 

“Callie’s upbringing was a bit unusual, like many of us in Bliss. Her mother runs a nudist resort outside of town. Callie grew up there. Oh, she lived in Bliss and wasn’t allowed on the grounds as a teen, but she takes after her mother. She prefers her own skin. I know if I go to Callie’s place, I’ll probably find her in a hastily thrown-on robe. When she sees it’s me, she happily throws it back off. It’s just her way. There’s nothing sexual about it. Callie is…innocent.”

“But she doesn’t want to be.” Nate couldn’t take his eyes off her. 

Stefan waved away that thought with a twist of his hand. “I doubt an evening with you will truly take away her innocent air. That’s why I picked you. I have some other friends, but I wanted you specifically, Nate. I know you’ll be kind to her. I thought this whole plan was ridiculous, but she’s determined to go through with it. If I hadn’t set this up, she would have gone and found someone on her own.”

The girl in question rolled over, offering Nate a look at her spectacular ass. Her cheeks were deliciously curved and flowed into a trim waist and graceful back. “That could be dangerous. Is there a particular reason why she wants a ménage? Usually only experienced women are interested in that.”

Stefan’s eyes hooded, and the floor suddenly had his attention. “You have to understand the way we grew up. Bliss is a small town. There were only the four of us the same age. In school, we were a very small class. It was me and Callie and the twins, Max and Rye Harper.”

Nate had heard of Stefan’s best friends. Stefan talked about Bliss, Colorado, endlessly whenever he was forced to return to Dallas for some family obligation. Sometimes Nate envied Stef’s mountain home. He’d always wanted to go there and had never found the time. The others in their social circle couldn’t understand why Stef would choose to forgo the best schools and a whirling social life, but Nate could see the appeal. It would have gotten him away from the constant pressure of being a “Wright.” He could still hear his father yelling at him when Nate had told him he was joining the DEA. A “Wright,” he’d been told, did not work in something so blue collar as law enforcement. 

When he was running the DEA, he would show his father exactly what a “Wright” could do.

“We’re still close,” Stef was saying.

“She was in love with them,” Zane commented.

Sometimes, not often, Zane had moments of emotional clarity. Nate knew they were usually followed by an enormous amount of beer drinking, but they were there all the same. He seemed to be having just such a moment as he looked at the dark-haired beauty through the two-way mirror. His hand lifted briefly as though he could touch her. He brought it down quickly and went back to brooding.

Stef nodded. “Yes, and they always viewed her as a little sister. It must have been hard to be the only girl in our group. By the time we were teens, the twins and I were experimenting with older girls from neighboring towns, and Callie was on her own in the sexual awakening department. We didn’t make it easy on her. We scared off a lot of prospects. I didn’t truly understand how that hurt her until recently. I want you to make her feel desirable.”

“That won’t be hard.” Zane’s pants were already tenting. He didn’t do anything to hide his massive erection.

Stefan glanced down and then back up, shaking his head. “Like I said before, be careful with her. Callie’s twenty-five today. She’s sick of waiting. There’s no one in Bliss even vaguely suitable, so she suggested we come here. No one knows her in Dallas. She can do what she likes in this club, and there won’t be any gossip. Bliss is a lovely place, but it runs on gossip. I want to protect her. That’s why I called you, Nate. I know you have certain kinks.”

Nate felt a grin slide across his face. He did enjoy the occasional ménage, but no one in the world had more kinks than Stef Talbot. Pot, kettle, black as night. Nate himself simply preferred to enjoy a woman with his best friend. Stef’s kinks were a bit more kinky. Stef’s kinks involved all kinds of toys. He chose to let it go. 

“Are you going to watch?” Stef had been known to.

“Hell, no.” His childhood friend actually shuddered. “As I said, Callie is like a sister to me. While I will set up her little fantasy, I’m certainly not going to watch it. I’ll be in the bar. I’m meeting some friends. I haven’t seen them since the last time I was in Dallas. You’re lucky I didn’t ask them to handle this. They share, too.”

Most men didn’t have multiple sources to go to when setting up their friend’s ménage fantasy. “Why us?”

“Because I trust you, and I’ve known you longer,” Stef admitted. “And deep down, I know that giant of an idiot you call a best friend won’t hurt her, either.”

Zane growled. At six foot five, Zane was a beast. Stef was pushing it. It was something he did from time to time, but Nate had no time to indulge Stef’s need to get his ass kicked. 

He’d talked about this long enough. He wanted to meet Callie. “We’ll take care of her. Don’t worry about it.”

Stefan nodded and glanced out over the playroom of the exclusive bondage club they all belonged to. “I believe Mr. Lodge will send someone in to escort her back up to our suite when you’re done. My friends are here. Thank you, Nate.”

Stefan walked off to greet a dark-haired man and his blond companion, a slightly smaller male. The big cowboy held his hand out and greeted Stef. Nate turned back to Zane. 

“I don’t like him.” Zane scowled as Stef walked away.

“I think the feeling is mutual.” Nate had long ago accepted that his two best friends in the world were never going to like each other. Nate looked into the room they were about to enter. “The question is, do you like her?”

A slow smile split Zane’s face. “Oh, yes. I like her quite a bit.”

Satisfied, Nate opened the door.

* * * *

Callie Sheppard was startled by the sound of the door opening. She sat straight up in bed and wondered what the hell she was doing. It had seemed like a great idea at the time, but now a tremor of trepidation ran through her system. She was naked in a notorious BDSM club, waiting for two men to walk in and take her virginity.

It wasn’t that she minded losing her virginity. She wasn’t doing anything interesting with it in the first place. It needed to go, but now she worried this wasn’t the way to do it. She wanted some affection and kindness. Would they give that to her? Oh, god, Stef had found her two guys for her birthday. She’d made him a loaf of zucchini bread and shared a bottle of cheap wine for his. What was she doing?

Could she run? She was naked. That didn’t really bother her, but it could confound a lot of people. 

“Hello.” The deepest voice she’d ever heard pulled her from her panic. 

She turned and hoped there wasn’t a line of drool running out of her mouth as she caught sight of them. Best birthday present ever. Stef might be straight, but he knew how to pick gorgeous men. 

She climbed as gracefully as she could off the big bed and faced them. They were perfect. The one who had spoken was tall. She doubted she would reach his shoulders when she stood against him. He was at least six and a half feet, and his body was corded with muscle. Every piece of him seemed chiseled out of granite. He was male model perfection, with a strong jaw and piercing green eyes. His hair was inky black and curled sweetly over his ears. 

His partner wasn’t quite as tall but still was no small man. He was a few inches shorter than the gorgeous monster, and his body held a lean strength. If the black-haired devil was a linebacker, this man was a swimmer. His eyes were a stark blue. His skin was sun kissed and smooth. Callie was fascinated with the idea of soft skin covering steel. His hair was cut in a military style. It was a rich brown. The intimate light of the room caught the gold and red streaks. He looked like a man who laughed often.

Everything inside her heated up at the sight of them, and she wasn’t so scared anymore. Why the hell would she run from all that hotness? And they were handpicked by a man who would never, ever hurt her. She was safe with them. 

“Hello.” It seemed like a dumb thing to say to two glorious men when she was naked as the day she was born, but it was all she could think of.

“Hello, Callie.” The other man’s voice was deep, too, but there was an inherent friendliness to his Texas accent. It looked like Stef had found her a couple of cowboys. The blue-eyed man watched her. He gave her a small, calm smile, like he didn’t want to scare her. “Are you nervous, sweetheart? We don’t want you to be. Nothing happens here that you don’t want. All you have to do is say the word and everything stops.”

Their eyes were on her body. Callie had never thought much about her body before. It was a natural thing. She’d grown up in a household where nudity wasn’t frowned on. She was comfortable in her skin, only now she wasn’t. Now she was starting to feel hot and restless. They weren’t avoiding her private parts the way the nudists politely did back in Bliss. These men stared boldly at her breasts, and her breasts seemed to be staring right back. Her nipples were hard nubs. 

“Do I get a safe word?” The question came out on a breathy sigh. She’d always wanted to know what it felt like to truly submit. Stefan’s subs always seemed satisfied. 

The blue-eyed man’s mouth turned down. “Your safe word is no. We don’t have to play games. All you have to do is say no and we stop.”

“But we can play games if you want to.” That came from the big guy. His husky voice did all sorts of things to her libido. He walked boldly up to her and placed his hands on her hips. His touch lit up her skin. “Do you want to play, darlin’?”

Oh, yeah, she wanted to play. She was worried she didn’t know how. His hands skimmed her hips and pulled her close. He was so big. He enveloped her. His mouth came down on hers. He was gentle but forceful. His tongue slipped past her lips and dominated her mouth. Callie had a moment of complete panic but forced herself to relax. She’d come here for this. She wanted to know what it felt like to be desired. She wouldn’t get love out of this. She knew that. She wasn’t as naïve as the boys back in Bliss seemed to think. But she might get the desired part, if the thick erection poking her in the belly was any indication.

His tongue coaxed now that she’d softened against him. He seemed more willing to take things slowly once she got involved. She let her tongue rub against his, enjoying the smooth glide. She could smell soap and man and something musky that heated her feminine parts to a froth. He pulled her into the cradle of his thighs. The denim was rough against her softness.

“Hey, don’t hog the girl, Zane.” 

Callie felt a hand on her shoulder, and the big guy, Zane, broke off the best kiss of her life. It was one of the only kisses of her life, she admitted to herself. She was turned into a second hard body. 

“My name is Nathan, sweetheart. But you can call me Nate.” His Texas accent had gotten more pronounced as the room heated up. He cupped her hips and let his eyes trail the length of her body. “You are a beautiful woman, Callie Sheppard. We’re going to take good care of you.”

Callie sighed as he leaned in. His kiss was softer than Zane’s but no less impactful. She felt it hum along her skin. She liked the idea of them taking care of her. She liked it a lot. Of course, they were only talking about taking care of her sexually, but she could dream. She let her hands caress the smooth skin of his shoulders and biceps. Her blood started to pound. This was nothing like the couple of times she’d fooled around before with sons of her mother’s friends, or that disastrous time she’d tried to kiss Rye Harper. Those fleeting touches had been fumbling and awkward. This was a wave she had to ride and allow to sweep her away. 

“Are we going too fast?” Nate whispered the question against her ear. There was no small amount of pleading in it. She could tell he wanted her answer to be a resounding no from the sound of his voice.

“I’m fine, Nate.” Callie pressed herself against him, the cotton of his western shirt sensitizing her nipples. She kissed along his jawline. It felt so good to be close to another warm body, to be given leave to explore and play. She wanted them naked, skin to skin against her. She pulled apart the shirt under her hands. The pearl snaps popped, and his skin was hers to touch. She let her fingers run along the curves of his chest. He was all muscle, from his pecs to the six-pack that had her mouth watering.

“God, sweetheart, you feel perfect.” Nate’s head was back as he offered her his body.

“Yes, you do,” Zane agreed, pressing against her back. His skin was warm against hers, so she knew he had gotten rid of his jeans and T-shirt. His hands slid from around her back and cupped her breasts. His thumbs stroked her nipples, and she could feel the press of hard flesh against the cheeks of her ass. Everything was beginning to whirl deliciously out of control, and Callie was going with it.

“You’re sure you want this?” Nate seemed cautious, but his eyes were hot.

Callie nodded. She was sure. She wanted to experience something she’d fantasized about. There was a lot she hadn’t confided in Stef. Her mother was sick. Callie would spend the next months giving her mother every bit of her energy and love. She would have to concentrate on keeping her mom’s spirits up. She wanted one night where she didn’t have to be strong, where she didn’t have to face the future, where she could revel in the here and now simply because it felt good.

“Baby?” Nate’s hand came up and brushed away a tear she hadn’t known she’d shed. His eyes were a brilliant blue and narrowed in concern. “Are you afraid?”

The hands on her breasts were gone, wrapping around her shoulders and pulling her back into Zane’s chest. There was a sweetness to his hold, as though he didn’t want to let her go for a minute. That brought fresh tears to her eyes. No one had held her like that since she was a child. The gesture made her feel small and fragile and protected.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of.” Zane’s voice rumbled along her scalp, his face pressed to the top of her head. “I promise I’ll be gentle.”

Callie shook her head. “I’m not scared. I’m just…emotional.” Now wasn’t the time or place to spill her guts. She wanted sweetness, not sympathy. She looked straight into Nate’s eyes and asked for what she wanted. “I need to be out of myself for a while.”

After a long moment, Nate smiled solemnly and leaned in to kiss her. His lips molded hers, and she felt Zane’s mouth on her nape. She was wrapped up in them, and the sensations felt heavenly.

Nate stepped back and nodded at Zane. Callie glanced at Nate as he started to undress, then Zane swept her up into his arms and grinned down at her. It was a wild, feral thing, that smile of his. He was the bad boy of the two, no question about it. He cradled her to his chest and strode to the bed like she was nothing at all to carry. He tossed her lightly on the huge bed. Her eyes widened as she got her first real look at him.

“Oh, my god.” His cock was enormous. It was gorgeous. 

He stroked that monster cock of his, and a purely masculine look took over his magazine-cover-ready face. “Don’t worry. I know how to use it.” 

Nate came to stand by his friend. His body was every bit as beautiful as Zane’s. Nate’s body was sleekly muscled, where Zane looked like a bodybuilder. Nate’s mouth was turned up in a slight smile, and he rolled his eyes. “You know, you should never have shown her that thing first. Now she won’t look at me.”

“Yes, I will.” She was breathless. Nate might not be quite as ridiculous as his friend, but he was amply sized as well. His cock stood at full attention, bobbing against his flat, muscled abs, almost reaching his navel. He wasn’t quite as long as Zane, but he was just as thick. No one could accuse Nate of not being well-hung.

He winked at her. “I’m glad Zane hasn’t ruined you for me, sweetheart.” He crawled across the white comforter toward her. His big hand pressed her back into the mattress. “Lay back, and let Zane take care of you.”

She closed her eyes and forced herself to relax. It was going to be okay. She knew it would hurt at first. Nate was distracting her as Zane moved her legs apart. His hands ran from her ankles to her hips, and she tensed, waiting for that big cock to start its assault. Nate’s mouth trailed kisses from her neck down to her breasts.

Callie gasped as she felt Zane begin. It wasn’t his cock seeking entry. His mouth covered her pussy. The feather-light touch had her shaking. It was an exquisite sensation and not one she had been expecting.

“You taste good, babe.” Zane’s deep grumble was a wave of pleasure rolling across her flesh. His fingers slid through her labia, parting her for the slow slide of his tongue. He licked and nibbled at her tender flesh. His tongue darted all around, lighting up her nerve endings. It wasn’t enough. It felt so, so good, but it wasn’t enough. She wanted more. She’d been nervous before, wondering if this was the right thing to do. But now, as his tongue worshipped her, she wondered why she’d waited. This was so sweet. Callie pushed her pussy toward Zane’s face, begging for more. He growled and speared her with his tongue. His strong tongue went straight up her pussy and then he pulled out. He licked in forceful strokes from her clit all the way down. Callie was building toward something she’d never felt before. The minor pleasures she’d gained from her fingers were nothing like this.

Nate’s lips pulled at her nipple. He rolled the one he wasn’t suckling with his fingers. When Callie managed to get her head up off the bed, she watched the two men pleasuring her with their mouths and hands. It was a beautiful sight. Zane slipped a finger into her pussy. 

“She’s going to be incredibly tight.” He moaned, coming up for air. Callie could see the evidence of her arousal on his chin and lips. His tongue came out to lap it up as he curled his finger deep inside her. 

Nate came off her breast. “I think I need to try some of that honey of hers.” He turned his body around and leaned over. While Zane added a second finger, Nate’s tongue worked her clit. Zane added a third finger. He fucked her gently, curling his fingers deep inside. Callie’s hands clawed at the comforter, and her hips moved restlessly under their ministrations. 

“She’s close.” Zane was watching her carefully, his deep green eyes hooded with lust.

Zane was right. When Nate sucked her clit between his lips, she went off like a rocket. Every muscle she had tensed and released in a great wash of relief. It started in her pussy and rolled over her body like a wave. Callie cried out. Little tremors shook her as Nate continued to lave her clit gently now. Zane pulled his fingers out and moved up the bed.

“Up, babe.” He pushed her up, sliding in behind her. “Don’t worry about a thing. It won’t hurt for long.”

Callie opened her eyes, and Nate was on his knees, rolling a condom over his cock. Zane’s hands smoothed down her hair. He whispered soothing words into her ear as Nate arranged her legs and started to penetrate her.

“Oh, Callie, baby, you feel so fucking good.” Nate’s face was contorted with the effort it took him to thrust slowly. 

She tensed as his cock stretched her. It hurt. He was so big and she was small. He took his time, thrusting in slowly and retreating. He gained ground inch by inch. All the while, Zane told her how pretty she was, how he couldn’t wait to be the man fucking her. She struggled to breathe as the pressure seemed to expand. Zane nibbled on her ear as Nate worked his way in carefully. She wanted to yell at him, to tell him to get it over with, but every time she thought she couldn’t take another second of the maddening advance and retreat, Zane would lick or gently bite her sensitive lobe, and she would shiver with the touch. Gradually, she relaxed, and Nate finally pressed forward. She felt something tear and then he was in. He was inside her body. It was wildly intimate. She felt so connected. The pain was a small thing in comparison to the pleasure they were giving her.

Nate held himself still. A fine sheen of sweat clung to his skin. It transferred to her where they touched, a sweet adhesive keeping them bound together. His body shook as he looked down at her. “Okay, now?”

She responded by wrapping her legs around his lean waist and pushing up to take him deeper. It still hurt a bit, but she wanted more. She wanted the deep connection she felt. His cock filled her, and she loved the way he started to shake when she clamped down on him. She pushed up against him, wanting to experiment with this feeling. It was delicious and decadent to be so filled with another human being. Behind her, Zane’s cock pressed against her spine. Zane’s hips were moving, twitching against her back.

“Fuck,” Nate groaned and started thrusting. He leaned over and ate at her lips. He kissed her, never letting up on the slow slide of his cock. His tongue played with hers, fucking her mouth as he did the same to her pussy. He hissed and pushed himself up. Callie let her hands caress his waist. She wanted to touch every part of him. She let her head loll against Zane’s neck. She was nestled in between them. What would it feel like to have them both?

“I’m not going to last.” Nate’s eyes were pleading. His face bunched up, and the muscles of his shoulders corded.

Zane seemed to know exactly what to do. His right hand slid in between their bodies and found her clit as Nate pressed in and withdrew. The pad of Zane’s big thumb made circles around her clit. He started wide and got closer and closer as Nate tunneled in and pulled back out. Callie’s head rolled against Zane’s warm chest as the feeling built. Each thrust had Callie moaning.

“Please.” She couldn’t take it anymore. She had to know where this was going. She tried not to think because, even in her passion, that question scared the crap out of her. Even while she was fighting for her orgasm, she knew this was more than sex for her. 

“Give it to her, Zane. I can’t take it anymore.” 

When Zane pushed down on her throbbing clit, she cried out as she came. 

The sound seemed to break something in Nate. His carefully measured strokes lost their rhythm, and his head fell forward. He ground his pelvis against hers, pressing Zane’s hand between them, making her come all over again. She let her head fall back and felt Zane’s mouth on her cheek, kissing her as he rubbed that nubbin of flesh that dominated her life in those moments. Nate pressed deep and then shouted as he came. He thrust one last time, holding himself against her before falling into her arms.

Callie let herself float for a moment. It felt so good to be between them, but Zane had a problem. “Zane?”

He laughed against her ear. “Already taken care of, babe. You were so hot I came like a fucking fifteen-year-old.” He pressed against her back. She could feel he was already getting hard again. “But I’ll be inside you soon enough.”

Nate looked up, his eyes heavy. “One night isn’t enough. Stay with us for the weekend.”

A weekend? Not a good idea. She was crazy about them now. What would she feel like if she really got to know them? Could her heart handle it? 

Callie decided she would rather have a broken heart than never to have risked it. She let her hands tangle in Nate’s hair as she whispered her answer. One night was definitely not enough.

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