Big Easy Temptation, The Perfect Gentlemen – Book 3, Now Available!
Years ago, Naval officer Dax Spencer and NCIS agent Holland Kirk indulged in a steamy affair—until she betrayed him in the wake of his father’s death. Dax tried to put her behind him with a payback of his own. But he never forgot Holland. Now, as Dax and his fellow Perfect Gentlemen unravel a web of lies, he discovers his family’s tragedy is part of a much larger conspiracy. Soon, all clues point him back to New Orleans…where Holland waits, holding a torch for the only man she’s ever loved.
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From Sanctum with Love, Masters and Mercenaries Book 10, Now Available!
Psychologist Kai Ferguson has had his eye on Kori Williamson for a long time. She is everything he’s ever wanted in a partner. But Kori won’t admit her own desires. Kori knows she wants Kai. He is the most amazing man she’s ever met. But having been down this road before, she knows it only leads to heartache. When Kai is recruited for an operation with McKay-Taggart, the investigation throws Kori and Kai together. They quickly discover the chemistry between them is undeniable, but it may not be enough to save them both from a killer’s twisted obsession.
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Addict: Hunter: A Thieves Series, Book 2,
Now Available!
When Kelsey Owens returns home to Dallas, she is a changed woman. After months of training with Marcus Vorenus, she has more control over her abilities. She’s ready to start her new job, even if it means dealing with the King of All Vampire and his partner, Devinshea Quinn. Her first assignment, however, will force her to face her past. Grayson Sloane is in trouble
and she has to find him.
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Devoted: A Masters and Mercenaries Novella, Now Available
Amy Slaten has devoted her life to Slaten Industries. After ousting her corrupt father and taking over the CEO role, she thought she could relax and enjoy taking her company to the next level. But an old business rivalry rears its ugly head. Flynn Adler never thought he would fall for the enemy. Business is war, or so his father always claimed.When Flynn realizes the woman he’s falling for is none other than the CEO of the firm he needs to take down, he has to make a choice. Does he take care of the woman he’s falling in love with or the business he’s worked a lifetime to build?
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